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5 Fall Fashion Tips to Elevate Your Style

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. As the summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures and warmer colors, we finally have an opportunity to ditch the shorts and t-shirts and throw on some layers. Cold weather means sweatshirts, scarves, hats, pants, sweaters, dress sneakers, and a multitude of other clothing articles that you’d rather not wear in the heat, which is why my personal wardrobe thrives in the cooler months. In this quick November journal entry, we’ll teach you five basic Fall fashion tips that will surely impress your in-laws at Thanksgiving dinner.


1. Ditch the bright, cool colors of summer and opt for warmer, pastel shades.

When we talk about the temperature of a color, we’re referring to how much blue or orange a color contains. The bluer the color, the cooler it is, while colors that contain more orange are warmer. In summer, when the skies are blue and the sun is shining, we wear cooler colors like blue, green, or purple, and when we do wear warmer colors, they’re usually vibrant and saturated. Summer is a season with a strong, bright energy, so we match that in our clothing’s color scheme. In Fall, however, the weather gets colder, the leaves turn orange, and cloudy days are more common. So, a good stylistic choice is to transition to warmer colors. Think about halloween, the autumn leaves, and thanksgiving foods, and warm colors will certainly come to mind. Also, swap your bright and vibrant colors for something more pastel. The gloom of the Autumn months makes Fall the perfect time to break out your softer colors. Try mixing a few grey articles in to nail the Autumn color scheme. Ponto’s dress sneaker “The Pacific” in Nimbus Grey or Desert Orange are sure to spice up any Fall fit.


2. Shoes can be colorful too!

Speaking of Autumn colors, Ponto just so happens to offer a few different colors that could easily be styled with any Fall outfit. Far too often shoes are overlooked when planning an outfit, and dress shoes are most often a simple black or brown. When trying to elevate your Fall fashion, what better place to start than with a new pair of orange dress sneakers? When styled correctly, shoes can become a key detail of any outfit that turns heads, so why opt for the same old dress shoe you’ve been wearing to work for years? The Pacific in either Nimbus Grey or Desert Orange is sure to add some spice to any Fall fit, so what are you waiting for?


3. Layers!!

When the weather gets colder, all it means is that I finally have an excuse to unpack my vast collection of hoodies, sweaters, flannels, and more. In Summer, when we’re at the mercy of the heat, we can’t get too creative with layering, but as temperatures begin to dip, it’s time to ditch the shorts and t-shirts and have some fun. A good Fall outfit should never be one dimensional. Don’t just throw on a pair of pants and a jacket and call it a day, instead mix and match your outerwears. Try wearing your favorite flannel or jacket over a hoodie, or throw a sweater over your dress shirt, and be sure to mix in some accessories like hats or scarves. Fall is a popular time for fancier footwear as well, so a pair of dress sneakers will add a subtle but striking detail. Most importantly, get creative! Use google images for inspiration, and craft a fit that would make any instagram model look twice.


4. Look to your own closet for inspiration.

Instead of going out and buying new outfits, try digging through your wardrobe and rediscovering a piece of clothing you may have forgotten about. An old jacket or sweater could be worn in tons of new ways if you get creative with your styling. Not only is wearing older clothes trendy and cheap, it’s also better for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the largest causes of waste on the planet, so rather than heading to a big department store this Fall, open up your closet and poke around for something you haven’t worn in a while. Consignment stores and thrift shops are another great way to avoid fast fashion while keeping your wallet and the planet healthy, and at Ponto, we’re proud to say all of our shoes are made from recycled materials!


5. Don’t go too crazy with Fall fashion trends, and don’t stow away too much of your Summer clothing.

At the end of the day, your style is personal to you, and while mixing in a few trendy accessories, layering, and changing up your color scheme shows that you like to diversify your wardrobe based on the season, you shouldn’t feel pressured to change everything about your style just because the weather is getting colder. Keep some of those bright colors in the rotation, and incorporate some lighter articles of clothing into a new layered fit. Try to follow trends and dress appropriately for the season, but most importantly, be yourself and wear what you think looks the best!