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Ponto Footwear

With a mind for innovation born out of Silicon Valley, a NYC design aesthetic, and a Southern California outlook on life, Ponto is the footwear company inspiring resilience in people and the planet by manufacturing high-performing products made with responsibly sourced materials and designed for the Circular Economy.

We are committed to circular design and manufacturing principles to create footwear and accessories that make life “lighter on the sole and the planet” for D2C, B2B, and B2C applications, with a specific focus on reaching coveted Millennial and GenZ customers who share similar values and prioritize sustainability as a part of their purchasing and brand loyalty.

Ponto is intentionally built on an actionable platform ensuring that the circular economy is more than an environmental compliance ideology, but also a profit-driving force for consumers, investors, and the footwear industry. They have introduced a new business model that allows different intellectual properties and services to be licensed, promising to make the tent bigger for the entire industry. They are innovating and disrupting traditional footwear and fashion models by:

  • Collaborating with like-minded brands on circular design to ensure recyclability;
  • Opening up their network of integrated supply chain partners committed to sustainable business practices;
  • Manufacturing and promoting new material solutions and processes at fully waterless, solar-powered facilities in El Salvador;
  • And launching their interactive WearmilesTM footwear reclamation platform.

Ponto's owned and operated brand is sold direct-to-consumers and through wholesale partners. They are also an official uniform supplier to Delta Airlines. That partnership emerged following a collaboration with Issa Rae and Delta as a part of LA Fashion Week. Forbes wrote a feature about it here. Ponto is now leveraging that opportunity to establish themselves as the circular & recyclable footwear standard for B2B enterprise uniforms.

Program Basics

  • Commission: 8% on sales
  • Cookies: 27 Day
  • Payout Model:  CPA
  • AOV:  $140+
  • Length of Campaign:  3 Months
  • Conversion Rate:  2%
  • Vertical:  Apparel & Accessories
  • Consumer Location:  U.S.
  • Data Feed:  Yes
  • Approved Partner Type:  Content, Coupon, Loyalty, Mass Media, Review Sites, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network

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