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The Borrego Desert Boot

The Borrego Desert Boot

Introducing the Borrego Desert Boot: Redefining Sustainable Footwear
In the realm of eco-friendly shoes, the Borrego desert boot signals a shift towards responsible and innovative design. Central to its ethos is circularity, revolutionizing production and consumption. What sets it apart is not just its vision, but the meticulous process.
Inspired by classics like Clarks Desert Boot and Chukka Boot, the Borrego sets a new standard for responsible design. Starting with "deadstock" materials, the suede on the brink of disposal becomes a purposeful part of the Borrego. Crafting a shoe for easy disassembly, free from adhesives and irreversible bonds, posed a challenging yet bold endeavor.

The innovative sole, born from an unused R&D project, exemplifies resourcefulness. Blumaka's soles find new life paired with curated suede, redefining sustainability in footwear.
Circularity isn't just a concept; it's a pragmatic solution aligning commerce with environmental well-being. Unlike the 'buying less' approaches, it offers a harmonious balance, intertwining economic success with planet preservation.
The Borrego is more than a shoe; it's a symbol of progress, where sustainability meets innovation. Inspired from our roots at Ponto State Beach, we looked east into the Anza Borrego desert for inspiration to create a truly new design for Ponto Footwear. Stay tuned as we navigate towards a future where commerce and Earth coexist harmoniously.
Let's continue crafting a world where sustainable practices aren't an option but a necessity for a thriving future.

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