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Welcome back to People in Pontos where we deep dive into the lives of interesting people who wear Pontos to carry them through their daily journeys. This month we’re excited to introduce you to Anna Santoro, a physical therapist assistant in Oceanside, California who shares her passion for helping others heal so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

In this episode, Anna takes us through her day and shows us how she connects with her clients and community through her work. We get a glimpse of her daily routine, which includes meditation, yoga, checking the surf and working with her patients. 

We even get to see her in action as she works with a patient through their PT exercises, helping them regain their strength and mobility. We were inspired by Anna’s thoughtful and attentive care to each of her patients. 


We also get to see how Anna’s Pontos provide her with the comfort and support she needs to stay active so she can show up as her best self for each of her patients. And we have to say, she really rocks a pair of Citrine Pontos beautifully! 

Anna’s episode highlights the importance of staying active, helping others and connecting your work back to your community. We hope that her story inspires you! It certainly inspired us!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of People in Pontos and stay tuned for more! And if you love her shoes, you can shop her Citrines here.

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