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Blumaka Comfort Max Cushion Insole

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The Comfort Max Cushion Insoles embody an innovative fusion of support, longevity, and amplified energy return, delivering an exceptional level of both long lasting comfort and peak performance to wearers. Even better, these insoles are ridiculously sustainable, made with up to 85% recycled performance foam and uses 99% less water than traditionally made insoles.

Core Features

• Anti-microbial top cloth

• 17% more cushion than average

• 1,000+ miles of cushioning

• 14% more energy return than average

Use And Care

Remove your current insole and replace with Blumaka insoles. Loosen the laces of your shoes and widen the opening as the insole may grab your sock when sliding in your foot. Before lacing up, make sure your socks lay flat and aren’t bunched. Dirt may reduce the tackiness of your insoles. To clean, pull out Blumaka insoles and rinse with warm, soapy water. Shake off excess water and let the air dry.

Do not put the insoles in the dryer. For a perfect fit, trim the insoles by placing old insole on top of the Blumaka insole and cutting any excess material.


  • Made with up to 85% recycled performance foam
  • 99% less water used than traditional EVA Manufacturing
  • 65% less carbon generated to produce than traditional EVA insole manufacturing

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